PD Dr. Amit V Pandey

Pediatric Endocrinology Diabetology & Metabolism,

KIKL C-837, Inselspital

University Children's Hospital Bern,

Freiburgstrasse 15, Bern 3010, Switzerland

Tel: +41 31 632 9637 (Office)

    +41 31 632 9527 (Lab)

 Email: amit@pandeylab.org

 On Cover Page
 Pandey, AV. Bioinformatics tools and databases for the study of human growth hormone. Endocrine Dev.  23: 71-85 (2012)

On the cover: GHR-GH complex
 Flück CE, & Pandey AV. Clinical and biochemical consequences of P450 oxidoreductase deficiency. Endocr Dev. 20: 63-79 (2011).

On the cover: POR
 Flück, CE, Pandey, AV, Huang, N, Agrawal, V & Miller WL. P450 oxidoreductase deficiency - a new form of congenital adrenal hyperplacia. Endocr Dev, 13: 67-81 (2008).

On the cover: CYP17A1 with POR, b5 and steroids.
 Pandey, AV and Miller, WL. Regulation of 17,20 lyase activity by cytochrome b5 and by serine phosphorylation of P450c17. J. Biol Chem. 280: 13265-13271 (2005) April 08, Cover Page. 
 Pandey, AV and Chauhan, VS Heme polymerisation by malarial parasite : A potential target for antimalarial drug development. Current Sc. 75:911-918 (1998). 

Role of Human P450 Oxidoreductase in steroid metabolism